Mohamed Khalil – CEO/Founder

Umbrella Behavioral Health CEO/OWNER, Mohamed Khalil is an accomplished business executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

As an ASU graduate he has a deep interest in business. Today his business development is focused on innovation and care in the healthcare arena, identifying areas where his company can make a difference improving quality of life.

His compassionate heart fueled his decision to open an expansive Behavioral Health Practice. Wanting to meet the needs of patients ranging from young family to seniors. Always wanting to provide timely accessible quality medical services.

Philanthropy and giving back is very important to Mohamed. His involvement in many fundraising organizations, has benefited children and adults throughout the valley.

With a true caring entrepreneurial spirit, he is always looking at how he can help others as his company grows.

Joey Fontenot – CFO/Founder

Garnering experience through over 20 years of experience in Finance and Marketing, Joey holds a Degree from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He is a Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force, and is most proud of his close family ties. His passion for the Medical field can be traced back to his pre-professional days as a patient at a local Doctor’s office. The reason? He knows the patient experience can be enhanced, prioritizing the smile in the associates voice and making the patient feel valued and comfortable.